Essential Guide

for smart Renters


About Personal Referrals . . .

True, some people find apartments using tips from friends. That’s great if you have a lot of friends in the neighborhoods and buildings you want to live in, but it’s not very helpful if you’re new to the city or if you want to live in a new neighborhood.

About The Inside Track . . .

Don’t believe the urban myth that bribing a building’s superintendent will give you an inside track to a vacant apartment. Superintendents can be fired for taking bribes, and they often have no influence with a landlord about which renter to choose. Landlords may take several applications for an apartment and will choose the renter with the best credentials.

What it all comes down to is Time vs Money.

Unquestionably, a broker can get the job done for you. They want to. But you need to be prepared to pay them an arm and a leg - which in most of New York City means 15% of the first year’s rent.

A personal referral can be helpful, but how many of us are lucky enough to have a friend with connections in a landlord’s office?

With free websites, you can find a no fee apartment. But you are far more likely to find a broker who wants to be your new best friend forever. At the very least, the time you waste on the free websites can be very costly to you.

To our thinking, there is only one model that guarantees you the easiest, fastest, most economical way to find a guaranteed no fee apartment; the way. Knows What  Landlords Want knows how to make YOU stand out in a crowded rental market.

This Essential Guide for Smart Renters, coupled with your subscription to gives you all the tools for success: You’ll know what a landlord is looking for in a tenant; AND you’ll know what a broker knows: the addresses of available apartments, the names and phone numbers of the landlords, inside tips about which landlords are negotiable on rent, and much more; AND your search will be wider than any broker’s territory: four New York boroughs, northern New Jersey, AND you won’t be rushed into a hasty decision because your subscription is good for 60 days.

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