Essential Guide

for smart Renters


Charm the landlord, then meet the landlord...

Use your account throughout the day.

The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to access your apartment updates. In addition, mails you instant and automatic email updates on every new apartment that matches your profile as they come in. Each email has an active link to the online detail page which will show you any building pictures, floorplans, interior photos and street view that we have for the apartment.  By checking your listings frequently, you will ensure that you are one of the first to visit new vacancies

Meet the landlord and inspect the apartment.

When you go to meet the landlord, be on time. This is your first impression to the landlord and it will demonstrate how well you keep your commitments.

Dress nicely. No torn jeans, no sweaty t-shirts. This is a business transaction, one of the most important that you are liable to encounter for a long time. Treat it seriously. Be respectful at all times. And don’t forget to have all your paperwork with you, in a neat folder or portfolio case. Make a good impression.

Charm the landlord and make an appointment to see the apartment.

Treat everybody as politely as if you were calling for a job interview because you will be interviewed -- landlords want to know that they can entrust their housing to you. You might feel awkward the first two to three times you make a call, but if you use your business manners, you’ll be fine. Here’s a suggested script to start the conversation:

  1. Landlord: Hello?

  2. You: Hi, my name is [your name] and I’m calling about your apartment at [address]. Is it still available?

  3. Landlord: Yes.

  4. You: From the listing I got from, I know what your application requirements are and I’m able to meet them. Your apartment looks like something I’d be interested in. May I make an appointment to see it?

And you’re off.

TIP: Prioritize your search. Make appointments to view the apartments that seem most attractive to you first. 

TIP: New York is a big city, so group your appointments according to location.

TIP: If you have unusual financial, roommate or pet circumstances, discuss your situation with the landlord in your first call to save time running around looking at apartments that are not suitable for your circumstance.

TIP: If you get to the building and you don’t like it, DON’T JUST WALK AWAY. The building could be ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside – that happens a lot in New York.

TIP: Ask the landlord to tell you about his/her other apartments in other buildings that you didn’t notice on the website.

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