Advantages to being a member at NoFeeRentDirect

We know you have several options when it comes to finding your next apartment in New York City. We've looked at all of them, and we still believe we are the best way to search for a NYC apartment. Check out our full list of reasons for saying so below.



Cost of Service

starting at $99 — All listings guaranteed to be 100% no broker fee. Fastest,
easiest, most economical way to find an apartment (21 to 90 day memberships).

Usually 15% of the first year's rent on most apartments, and in some cases, the equivalent of one month's rent.

Free, but most of the listings are really disguised broker listings. Full of Bait and switch ads. Constant reports of scams. Fabulous descriptions turn into disappointing apts. Lots of wasted time on your part.

How frequently are the listing updated?

Over 3,000 landlords and owners updated every week by our full time listings department. We have over
4,000 active listings at any given time.

Most brokers work with under 125 landlords limited to their local neighborhood. Seldom have more than 300 listings across all price ranges.

Craiglist doesn't update any listings. Rented listings are never removed. Although there are new listings added daily, there is no way to tell which are broker listings.

Areas Covered?

Over 140 neighborhoods Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Modify your search to any neighborhood at any time.

Usually, only their own home neighborhood plus two or three adjoining neighborhoods. If you want to look in Astoria, the Lower East Side, and Chelsea, you need to work with at least 3 different brokers.

All over the place, but no focus on any areas. If the area is in demand, the ad is probably from a broker.

Instant Alerts for New Listings?

Yes — Every email alert has full information and a link to so you can view all photos, maps, floor plans, and all other info.

Some brokers will email you, or text you, or call you, but only if they happen to be around their desk when the listing comes in, and if they think you're willing to pay their broker fee.


Efficiency and Convenience?

Very — You run the show! You decide which and how many apartments to see and when to see them. You're fully prepared to apply for the apartment of your choice before you leave your home.

You must be prepared to look when the broker can fit you into their schedule. Paperwork is handled at the broker's convenience, not yours.

You've got to be monitoring for new listings all the time, ready to run before the frenzy. If you stop looking, your perfect apartment might slip down the list and off into oblivion.

Work with roommates?

Yes — You can all be on the account and you can all receive email updates. Divide up the looking work and discuss them while viewing them together online from differentlocations.

Most brokers don't want to work with roommates, unless they're both present together at the same showing. If one party isn't available, the broker won't want to work with you.

It's OK for roommates, but again, you have to bring the organization to the task. Since neighborhoods are unpredictable, it's harder to plan who does what.

Live help through phone or email?

Yes — Fully staffed Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Yes, when you can reach your broker. Usually, your calling a cell phone when the broker is out on a showing.


Email Support?

Yes — 7 days per week.

Yes, when your broker gets the email and has a moment to respond.

None (unless you want to complain that a listing is a broker ‘bait and switch’ ad.)

Unbiased help and advice?

Yes — We are not commission motivated. Our sole goal is to make you a happy renter and customer for life.

No. It's not that brokers are bad guys, it's that they need to make the sale to earn a living, so they're biased in what they say.


What do people say?

Look here for what people say about us.

Some are good and some are worthless. You take your chances with your valuable time and energy.

Read the newspapers. They regularly report about the scams on craigslist. Craig himself says he spends 50% of his time dealing with New York City apartment rental scams.

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